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Surprised Donut

GLAZED coin is meant to be the governance coin over the donut wallet.DONUT WALLETWe don't yet know how this will work. But join our Discord and help shape the future.ASA Asset ID: 722082439
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Surprised Donut


Reality is intended to be a surreal, and perhaps cynical, look at the reality of the world. This series is intended to be digital watercolor. I may at times bring in other brushes to enhance the point. This is a work in progress.


Jimpanzees is a PFP series I am currently working on. I expect to release on the Algorand Blockchain. No clue when though. Sometime in the near future.

Retropunks of Dystopia:

A complete, but unreleased series that was intended for the Ethereum Blockchain. This may never be released due to some ransomware locking up a network storage device.

The Ode to Donuts:

The Ode to Donuts, at its core, is an NFT art project released on the Algorand blockchain and meant to honor the glory that is the donut. I am not an artist by trade (although I wanted to be, and even started school 20 years ago studying art), but I felt the need to try out NFTs and as a result, this project was born.

There are several reasons why I finally decided to create the Ode to Donuts project. First and foremost - I really like donuts. They are great. Seriously, they are the perfect junk food. They are fatty and hopefully, a bit soft with grease. They have lots of sugar, come in a variety of flavors, and can be eaten on the run while in a hurry.

But this extends beyond an inanimate food object.

Surprised Donut

Ode to Donuts is about the things we take too seriously that we probably shouldn't. The "Donut" becomes the religious icon that can only be worshipped. Any words spoken against the "Donut" becomes heresy. We cannot dare to question that which we worship, even when presented with the facts that perhaps our "Donut" is not so good for us.

Ode to Donut NFTs on the Algorand blockchain that celebrates the glory of donuts. These exist on the Algorand chain.
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- Rand Gallery


An attempt to bring the donut to life in avatar form. These are an expansion of the Ode to Donuts project

Donut Zombies:

Donut zombies - see below for samples:
They have 10 different criteria with 70 + optional traits to mix and match.
With various accessories and 8 possible genders:
- Agender
- Androgyne
- Bigender
- Female
- Gender Fluid
- Male
- Non-Binary
- Transgender
And various weapons that include lightsabers, a toilet plunger, and a magician. About 150 were made.

My attempt at pixel art:

There were several series - this is a sample below. The series included Pixelbishis, the low-cost car for the donut to drive, and a parody of Thundercats where the Thundercats were reimagined as donuts.

Donut Dunkers:

Created using a python script and no actual drawing on my part. There were a total of 50 made all with randomly decided backgrounds, sizes, and toppings.

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