Ode to Donuts

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The donut zombies are ready. I expect to launch around October 5th.

Algorand is a smaller chain with less people. I am an independent seller of NFTs. As a result, these will not be launched in a similar method to Ethereum launches.

1000 unique donut zombies will be minted

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Surprised Donut

I am very much willing to experiment with art and try new things. I have dabbled in animation (plan to do more), pixelated art (Done with that), and computer generative art (More coming soon). I used to paint and draw and took art classes in college. I changed majors from Art and Graphic design and became a business analyst and project manager for RPA projects. I am PMP and PMI-ACP certified, as well as a Certified Scrum Master.

Why Donuts? I don't know. It really all started with the Ode to Donuts project and hasn't stopped yet.
This website isn't always kept up to date, but you can view most of my NFTs here: Rand Gallery NFT List

What is the Ode to Donuts Project?

The Ode to Donuts, at its core, is an NFT art project released on the Algorand blockchain and meant to honor the glory that is the donut. I am not an artist by trade (although I wanted to be, and even started school 20 years ago studying art), but I felt the need to try out NFTs and as a result, this project was born.

There are several reasons why I finally decided to create the Ode to Donuts project. First and foremost - I really like donuts. They are great. Seriously, they are the perfect junk food. They are fatty and hopefully, a bit soft with grease. They have lots of sugar, come in a variety of flavors, and can be eaten on the run while in a hurry.

But this extends beyond an inanimate food object.

Surprised Donut

Ode to Donuts is about the things we take too seriously that we probably shouldn't. The "Donut" becomes the religious icon that can only be worshipped. Any words spoken against the "Donut" becomes heresy. We cannot dare to question that which we worship, even when presented with the facts that perhaps our "Donut" is not so good for us.

Ode to Donut NFTs on the Algorand blockchain that celebrates the glory of donuts. These will be made on the Algorand chain.
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Card #Donut# Image Card# Animated CardTypeAsset IDLink
-DONUT2,000,0000Very Common291940376Free
1Cinnamon Twist2525CommonIMG:292013978; ANI: 292016134Rand Gallery
2Glazed Twist2525CommonIMG:292022040; ANI: 292023366Rand Gallery
3Nutty Donut2525CommonIMG:292038293; ANI: 292039873Rand Gallery
3-ARaging Donut11Unique GoldIMG:292043788; ANI: 292045263SOLD OUT
3-B*Algonut01Unique DiamondANI: 299860556SOLD OUT
4Chocolate Cake Donut55RareIMG:296416694; ANI: 296427693Rand Gallery
4-A*Glitter Unicorn Party01Unique DiamondANI: 299545418SOLD OUT
5Strawberry Cake Donut55RareANI: 2998734401; IMG: 298729127Rand Gallery
6Powdered Jelly22Ultra RareANI: 300138302; IMG: 300137393Rand Gallery
6-AMoldy Green Donut11Unique GoldANI: 300733585SOLD OUT
6-BMoldy Hamburger01Unique GoldANI: 320254683SOLD OUT
7Glazed Jelly01Unique Gold  
8Chocolate Sprinkle22Ultra RareANI: 304983125; IMG: 304982395ab2
9$trawberry Sprinkle11Ultra RareANI: 305276853; IMG: 305277704ab2
10Vanilla Sprinkle22Ultra RareANI: 306727368; IMG: 306727929ab2
11Cinnamon Roll01Unique Gold  
12Standard Plain2525CommonIMG:292081919; ANI: 292072771Rand Gallery
12-ACoffee Dipping Donut11Unique GoldIMG:295048748; ANI: 295046869SOLD OUT
13Powdered2525CommonIMG:292084684; ANI: 292080095Rand Gallery
14Glazed2525CommonIMG:292090958; ANI: 292088153Rand Gallery
15Chocolate Frosted Donut2525CommonIMG:294744886; ANI: 294730534Rand Gallery
16Chocolate Glazed Donut2525CommonIMG:294786716; ANI: 294767217Rand Gallery
17Sugar Coated Donut2525CommonIMG:294795006; ANI: 294790962Rand Gallery
17-AAnt Covered Donut11Unique GoldIMG:294751146; ANI: 294737282SOLD OUT
18Chocolate Custard2525CommonIMG:294825048; ANI: 294810064Rand Gallery
19Vanilla Custard2525CommonIMG:294826435; ANI: 294811195Rand Gallery
20Vanilla Frosted Donut2525CommonIMG:294857078; ANI: 294832154Rand Gallery
21Strawberry Frosted Donut2525CommonIMG:294861067; ANI: 294834105Rand Gallery
21-ATriple Frosted11Unique GoldIMG:296045912; ANI: 296052030Sold Out
22Apple Crumb Donut01Unique Gold  
23Apple Fritter01Unique Gold  
24Apple Cider01Unique Gold  
25Blueberry01Unique Gold  
26Maple Glazed55RareIMG:295765621; ANI: 295781437SOLD OUT
27Maple Frosted55RareIMG:295911065; ANI: 295908748ab2 Rand Gallery
28Elephant Ears01Unique Gold  
28-ACreepy Clown01Unique Gold  
29Cronut01Unique Gold  
30Bear Claw55RareIMG:297227656; ANI: 297229905ab2
30-ABear Claw11Unique GoldIMG:297729999; ANI: 297726900SOLD OUT
30-B*Serbear Claw01Unique DiamondANI: 297179036Not for Sale
31Churros01Unique Gold  
32Cake Crullers01Unique Gold  
33Coconut Donut01Unique Gold  
34Tiger Tail01Unique Gold  
35Paczki01Unique Gold  
36Beignet01Unique Gold  
37Pershing01Unique Gold  
38Red Velvet Donuts22Ultra RareIMG:298653331; ANI: 298651645SOLD OUT
39Maple Bacon22Ultra RareIMG:297919957; ANI: 297917459SOLD OUT
40Pineapple Upside Down Donut01Unique Gold  
41Peanut Butter Glazed01Unique Gold  
41-APeanut Butter and Jelly Donut01Unique Gold  
42Banana Bread Donut01Unique Gold  
431 Dozen Bakery Donuts01Unique Gold  

* Special piece not originally intended to be part of the release (Unique Diamond Cards - Total of 3)Some items were originally planned to be released as common or rare and were brought to Ultra Rare

The Ode to Donuts:

Commissioned Work

What are Donutars?

Donutars live in a donut world. There is a bakery on every corner and a coffee shop adjacent to that. They live like people. They have jobs and unique personalities.
Donutars are donut avatars released on the Algorand chain.

Avatar NFTs that celebrate the diversity of donuts everywhere.

There will be 100 different ones made initially. 1 will be made of each. They will be released in small batches on Algorand beginning August 12th.

1Donny VanillaSoftware EngineerMaleFollower with limited ambition in his job, but an exciting life outside of work.
2Sue ClairTeacherFemaleThe authoritarian teacher that constantly corrects her "friends."
3Chucky ChocolateButcherMaleHe doesn't like other people or donuts much. He is rather no-nonsense and doesn't take BS from anyone.
4Plain JaneData Entry ClerkFemaleShe likes to spend her Saturday nights reading Jane Austin novels.
5Chip NuttyPsychiatristMaleObsessed with people's moms, like that's all he talks about.
6Bobby BavarianFishmongerMaleAn innocent bystander that is constantly taken advantage of by others. He will buy your bridge.
7Carl CronutPolitical AnalystMaleEver have someone give you the creeps? That person was probably Carl.
8Julie JellyProject ManagerFemaleShe is a strong leader that people love to follow.
9Mr. CreamCEOMaleConstantly trying to get out of his father's shadow, he is nothing but a puppet.
10Johnny GlazeActorMaleHe constantly complains about how hard his life is and how hard he has to work. He insists life isn't fair and he is the victim.
11Stanly BunzIn-Between JobsMaleClaims to be playing the long game, but it's a game no one else is playing with him.
12Cherry ChomperPetty CrookFemaleShe's a con-artist. Her favorite person is Bobby Bavarian
13Stella SprinklesDancerFemaleShe is a mother first and does what she has to for her kids
14Janis JellplinSingerFemaleA pioneer in the music industry, but likes to party a little too much.
15Joe BitenPresidentMaleI was going to put something here, but I forgot what it was.
16Donald CrumbcakeEx-President and Failed BusinessmanMaleYou know that kid you grew up with that would always claim you cheated when he lost. This is him as an adult.
17Santa BearclawsToy MakerMaleHe just likes to eat. He is rather one-dimensional character.
18Cruller De'villeSeamstressFemaleShe really loves dogs.
19Papi FritterFarmerMaleAn old man with a lot of stories that you have heard at least a dozen times.
20Sarah SourdoughFinancial AnalystFemaleShe hates the world and everyone in it except for her kids. They can do no wrong.

What are Pixelnuts?

Pixel art is fairly popular in the NFT community. Algorand is no different. Yieldings (flamingo pixel art associated with the Yieldly token) have come to dominate this space. Yieldly themselves now offers NFT staking to give away Yieldings and the price of their token tripled in a few days. There may or may not be a correlation to the NFT staking as Bitcoin also rose during this time. In Crypto, where Bitcoin goes, so goes the market.

It really started off as a joke for me. My Reddit post announcing the arrival of the 'Pixelnuts' talked about how I was feeling left out of the pixel art game. I wanted to attract people to the Ode to Donuts store on Rand Gallery, and selling pixel art cheaply seemed like a good idea. I sold them for an Algo a piece and there were a total of 41.

First Release:

There were a total of 41 Pixelnuts released in the first wave. Each one minted once.

Second Release:

There were a total of 45 Pixelnuts and 20 Pixelbishis released in the R2 release.

My attempt at a bootleg: Donutlings

I asked permission first, but there have been issues with people mimicking the work of well-selling artists. The creator of Yieldlings has had several people try to knock off his work. So I asked if I could knock-off his work and charge an absurdly high price. Two donutlings were born from that. As of right now, the purple one sold for 100 Algos (I gave half to the Yielding creator) and the other golden Donutling was given to the Ode To Donuts Telegram group as a giveaway.

The Thundernuts (Pixelnuts Release 3)

The Pixelbishi Shitboxes (Pixelnuts Release 4)

These were done under the theme of a used car salesman peddling junk vehicles

What are Donut Dunkers?

A personal experiment to see if I could make donuts with random features. I use Python and had the code draw random donut features. Only 50 were made. They aren't very good, but it was interesting.

What are Donut Zombies?

Donut zombies - see below for samples:
They have 10 different criteria with 70 + optional traits to mix and match.

With various accessories and 8 possible genders:
AgenderAndrogyneBigenderFemaleGender FluidMaleNon-BinaryTransgender
And various weapons that include lightsabers, a toilet plunger, and a magician